Quote for May


I thought I had it figured out (Right)
But then it all came clear (Mmm…)
Only thing that kept me going (What?)
Is looking in the fucking mirror (Yep)
I’m just too damn pretty (Right)
I know your man agree with me (Right)
The world would be fucked up (Yeah)
If my face wasn’t all in it (Damn)
She-Ill is back in your face (She-Ill)
Instagram and BookFace (Face)
And I ain’t done with y’all yet
Blowing up the Internet
I been going through it all (All)
That’s why I’m going hard (Hard)
You did this shit to yourself (Right)
Swear it’s not my fault (Bitch)
Today I’m feeling really blessed (Yes)
So I’mma count my blessings (Blessed)
I got my Number 2 pencils (Yep)
For all you hoes that be testing (HA)



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