Sounds, Sounds: Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak is so nasty. Check out the Tiny Desk Concert with him and the Free Nationals for a delicious preview.

It’s 2017. Music for the year, black liberation, black messiness and black fun. Check out his 2013 album “Cover Art,” in which he appropriates music by white folk. Every track is a gem, including “Maps”:

Album Text per Bandcamp:

During the 1950’s there were a slue of ” white ” artists and bands who made a pretty lucrative career out of remaking songs from ” black ” blues and r&b acts, most of which maintaining the same musical blueprints as the originals. These records were more commonly know as ” Race Records ” the pre cursor to what would later be known as ” Rock and Roll “. Taking songs that at one point were only known to a certain demographic of people and catapulting them on to the airwaves thus exposing them to the ” popular ” audience ( white suburbia!!! ). Unfortunately the original writers hardly ever received credit and or were ever properly compensated for their songs :(

Anderson .Paak delivers a simular process but as in reverse homage. Taking rock and folk classics from your favorite stringy haired singers and bands like The Beatles, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs,The White Stripes, Toto and even Neil Young. Completely reworking and extracting every bit of soul, jazz, hip-hop and even electronic funk and r&b?. Who would of known??!!


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