$4/day Meals

Good and CheapLeanne Brown.

This link redirects you to the free .pdf version here. Check out some of her recipes if you’re interested. I also strongly suggest buying fresh produce, vegetables, and replacing all canned goods with frozen goods, spending more time at the bulk dispensers for grains and seasonings. You will save so much money, and eat so much healthier.



2 thoughts on “$4/day Meals

  1. Awesome, will check her out! But I will say when I lived in San Diego a homeless man walked into Albertson’s Grocery store and stuck his hand in the bulk dispenser of almonds and I just can. not. use them anymore. I mean, if I were homeless I’d do the same thing! Totally agree on fresh fruits & veggies over canned, hello flavor! :)

    1. Meek, there are more vertical dispensers than one would think. Sprouts has bins but I rarely ever get grains/beans from Sprouts like that. You can definitely do it! I suggest finding a store that contains products according to your standards.

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